Bambini baby Water 6 X 1.5 L

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Babies deserve the best and purest form of water for their growth. Al Ain Bambini is perfectly balanced in essential minerals to meet strict pharmaceutical standards.
Free from sodium, bromate, fluoride, and nitrates it is ready for drinking, as well as the preparation f baby's food and formula.
- Free from Sodium and Bromate to protect baby's kidneys.
- Free from Fluoride to protect baby's forming teeth.
- Free from Nitrates to protect the baby's brain.
- Goodness guarantee, produced under stringent quality control


Bambini water is necessary for your children, providing balanced minerals for your child’s growth and Free of ( Sodium, Sulfate, Fluoride, Nitrate, and Bromate).

Bambini water is specially filtered to ensure that your child receives the purest drinking water. 

It is the perfect solution for mixing formulas or cereals or to dilute juices or simply drink. Bambini, always reassuring mothers with the benefits of pure water and pure convenience!


Calcium   8 mg/L
Magnesium 13.00 mg/L
Sodium <1 mg/L
Potassium 7.00 mg/L
Chloride 50.00 mg/L
Sulfate 2.00 mg/L
Bicarbonates 20.00 mg/L
Nitrates  <0.30 mg/L
Carbonate <1 mg/L
Fluoride Nil
Total Hardness 75 mg/L
PH 7.0 mg/L
TDS 110 mg/L


Suitable for making baby food: milk for infants and transitional milk, soluble baby foods with milk and soluble teas, for mixing with baby juices, quenching thirst.

High in natural oxygen, enough calcium and fluoride, and low in sodium, and is therefore ideal for making baby food.

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Bambini baby Water 6 X 1.5 L