Do Babies need specialized water? 

Babies have a much more delicate system than adults.

They require intensive care and Optimal nutrients not just from their food but also from water. 

According to WHO guidelines, Improved felling practices leads to better nutrient absorption for babies.

Babies deserve the best and the purest form of water for their growth.

Why Choose Al Ain Bambini water for your baby?

Bambini water is necessary for your children, providing balanced minerals for your child’s growth and Free of ( Sodium, Sulfate, Fluoride, Nitrate, and Bromate).

Bambini water is specially filtered to ensure that your child receives the purest drinking water. 

It is the perfect solution for mixing formulas or cereals or to dilute juices or simply drink. Bambini, always reassuring mothers with the benefits of pure water and pure convenience!


Why No Bromate?

Because bromate can cause health effects in the tiny kidneys of babies, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recommended the maximum contaminant level goal (MCLG) of bromate to be zero for babies; and because we care for your baby, we are the first in UAE AND the region to have zero bromate levels in our Al AIn Bambini water for Babies.


Why No Sodium?

A baby’s salt requirement is less than 1g per day  (0.4 g of Sodium ) and this is mostly fulfilled by breast milk or formulated milk.

So any extra salt will be a burden on the tiny kidneys of the baby leading to their malfunction due to the excessive load. This, in turn, may lead to not just kidney disease at an early age, but also may cause hypertension in their adult life, excessive intake of salt during childhood has also been attributed to cardiovascular disease and bone health. Al-Ain Bambini water fulfills the regulatory standards of SACN (UK) by having almost zero sodium content in the mineral composition.


Why No Nitrate?

High Nitrate levels in water can cause blue baby syndrome! This means that the required oxygen will not reach the brain and other vital tissues in the baby’s body.

The American academy pediatrics highly recommend less than 10 ppm of nitrate in baby food. Al-Ain Bambini water has gone one step further by ensuring zero nitrate levels in its mineral composition.


Why No Fluoride?

Too much fluoride in water will put the baby at risk of enamel fluorosis, a condition that develops while the teeth are forming in the gums. This will result in faint white lines or white spots on the permanent teeth. The American dental association recommends the non-usage of water with fluoride when mixing it with baby formulas, Al Ain Bambini water exclusion of fluoride in the mineral composition is well suited for babies.


Problems that Bambini Solve?

Pure and natural spring water specifically adapted to your baby's needs.

Suitable for making baby food: milk for infants and transitional milk, soluble baby foods with milk and soluble teas, for mixing with baby juices, quenching thirst.

High in natural oxygen, enough calcium and fluoride, and low in sodium, and is therefore ideal for making baby food.


That is why we’ve created Bambini - safe gentle drinking water, trusted by moms for their little ones.